[Vwdiesel] FW: TACH stopped-88 Jetta Turbo Diesel mini

Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 16 07:20:56 EDT 2003

A good bet is a break near the female connector in the
"W" wire. A real easy fix. Its the single thin wire
that plugs into the back of the alternator and there
is a "W" stamped on the alternator case next to it.
Its the tach RPM signal wire. (I think its red w/ a
white stripe) The diesel vibration over the years can
cause the wire to break, sometimes internally, so you
can't see it. In my case I had enough wire left to cut
the break out and resolder the same connector in
place. Next bet would be a loose connector connecting
the instrument cluster (wiggle the connector(s) with
the engine running while watching the tach) or a break
in the thin flimsy circuit board in the instrument
cluster (pull the cluster to check. Finally, I'd swap
out the tach if it still does not work.
--- Michael Smith <r3mismith at health.nb.ca> wrote:
> re:  Jetta Turbo Diesel
> > Hi All !
> >
> > Sending this from my work account, so if you
> reply, please hit "reply all"
> > or include ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca in your reply, so
> I'll see it at home too!
> > I'm too cheap to buy a Bentley manual (at least
> until I decide I'm going
> > to keep the car or not) so I need your folks help.
> >
> > My tach finally quit after being intermittent
> since I bought the car in
> > March.  Sometimes it would go months w/o any
> problems and other times it
> > would "act up" for the first 15-20 minutes of my
> daily commute for 1-2
> > weeks, then work 100% for many weeks afterwards.
> Problem is, I don't know
> > what to look for.   Obviously, there's no coil to
> check wires on.  I
> > really don't "need" a tach, but it sure is nice to
> have.
> >
> > What circuit should I be looking at, or is it a
> mechanical tach running to
> > some gear off the crank or whatever??
> >
> > 1988 Jetta GL, 1.6L Turbo Diesel Canadian Car.
> >
> > Thanks much folks !
> >
> > Maybe I'll ask Santa for a "Bentley" (the manual,
> not the car, lol) if
> > it's still on the road @ Xmas time.
> >
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