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The OEM TDI filter only filters down to 10 microns.  OEM IDI filters are
probably also 10 micron filters.  The first generation "spin-on" filters
probably did a better job than today's filters.

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Does anyone  know the  micron rating if these filters ???.
Considering the crappy fuel we have to deal with a really good filter is
paramount.      I am considering using a Stanadyne as a secondary ---just
before the pump.  Stanadyne makes a nice glass water separator as well.
980 36 ?    Kralinator FS758 .       I have  2 micron spin on Caterpillar
elements here but no holder.,   Who is our filter WIZARD ?.    please speak
up ---thanks .             Hagar

PS: Driving that little 1984 Bunny Rabbit 1.6 turbo is so much fun I got
1853.4 Km  mostly testing and tuning (joyriding) bloody skylarking he is.
There are no roads out of here , but good roads in the area.

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