[Vwdiesel] Help ! Do I need upper strut bearings ?? a bit long ..

Derek weasel1 at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 20 18:49:48 EDT 2003

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For about a month now, I have hard this groaning/creaking noise from the fr=
ont. This can only be heard when at really slow speed when there is a lot o=
f movement in the steering wheel ( i.e.. parking ) The noise is very simila=
r to an oversized tire rubbing on a mudflap or fender. Sometimes if I turn =
too far to the right ( or left ), it will literally make a "pop" noise. I h=
ad no abnormal pulling to one side or the other until the other day. Now it=
 pulls to the right slightly, but all the time ( well unless I have a nice =
breeze blowing on the right side of the car correcting it )I have had the b=
earings replaced once before, but this was quite some time ago. About 100,0=
00KM ago to be exact. The only other thing that I can think that it might b=
e would be the ball joints, but I am leaning toward the strut bearings. Ass=
uming it is the bearings, can I get away without using a spring compressor =
to remove them ? I was thinking that I may be able to loosen the nut while =
the car is still on the ground and then jack it up. Then I won't have a fly=
ing spring.

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