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Fernando Fiore ecodiesel1 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 22 13:40:20 EDT 2003

Yep, that was me!  Which reminds me, I guess I should say that I am finally
driving my Audi full time now.  It was sitting at home while I was at
school, but dad got tired of it being around so I brought it up.  So, my
question to Loren is... What is needed to make the Audi NA into a turbo?  I
know the blocks are different, with the oil squirters and all, but I think I
have a cheap opportunity to make this car turbocharged.  Here is what I

Good condition 5000 TD Injection Pump
Easy acess to the 5000 Gasser turbo and manifold(s)

Could you or maybe the other list member buying this one in ohio (and you
should DEFINITELY buy it!) tell me what turbo is used in the TD.  I will
probably have to get different injectors too.  But, do you think it is worth
it?  The engine runs great, has about 200,000 + unknown miles and burns less
oil than my rabbit. (maybe 1/2 Qt per 1000 miles max).  This would be a
summer project so I have time to acquire what I need.  Any advice would be

I emphasise again, BEAUTIFUL car.

Fernando Fiore, "Nando"

84 VW Rabbit Diesel "GTI"
1/4= 21.249 @ 60.95mph

81 Audi 5000S Diesel
1/4= N/A

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>Hello Emmit.......the 1983 Audi TD is advertised in today's Plain Dealer at
>   Buy it!  We need another list member with one of these!  :)  I sure hope
>to get time to finish mine.  :P
>      Loren
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