[Vwdiesel] Stuck in 5th gear!

Forrest L King forrestking at juno.com
Mon Sep 22 19:47:51 EDT 2003

sounds like you tranny fluid is LOW.  fifth gear is the physically
highest gear in the tranny stack and it starves of oil first!!   pretty
soon it just won't be there anymore


On Sun, 21 Sep 2003 21:53:31 -0400 "Lee Hillsgrove"
<hillsgrove at adelphia.net> writes:
> > Hey guys...need some advice.  When I leave my 1996 Passat in 5th
> gear
> > and come to a complete stop..it locks.  I try to double clutch
> very
> > quickly and it is still stuck.  Last couple of times I had to
> kill
> > it....still had trouble getting it out of 5th.....any ideas what's
> up???
>  Does it do it only in 5th gear? Any problems getting it into gear
> from a
> standstill in neutral with the engine running?
>  Sounds like the clutch is not completely disengaging. To see if
> this is the
> case, start the car in neutral and step on the clutch. Wait a
> moment, and
> try to shift into reverse. If it grinds repeatedly, the clutch is
> not
> disengaging.
>  If that's not it, my next guess would be motor mounts. Which does
> this car
> have, rods or cables between the shifter and transmission? I would
> think
> that a cable shifter would tend to be more tolerant of misaligned
> motor
> mounts than one with rods.
>   Lee
>   Oo-v-oO
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