[Vwdiesel] Injection pump Bosch VE ---- ( The fuel sleeve for beginners )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Apr 5 10:50:12 EDT 2004

A bit back I promised to forward my take on "FUELING" a Rabbit.

A VW diesel has no restriction of airflow --- no ventury or the likes.
No butterfly valve.   So to regulate power its all fuel flow control. What regulates
fuel ?   " DA Sleeve "..   What regulates   " DA Sleeve " ?. The sleeve is a fair
hunk of iron that slides back and forth on piston. When the engine idles the
spillhole is open. As we step on the pedal we tell the governor to move the sleeve
to reduce spilling. -------- So what does the Fueling screw do ?  It sets the amount
of fuel to be injected over the whole range of  Load and RPM  ---the governor being in charge.      The fueling screw is super sensitive  ---total range about 5 turns.

Turn the screw lefthand "OUT" to reduce fueling  . So you do not know where you are at ?
no problem  . Turn screw "IN"  all the way ---then back out 3.5 turn.  That should be a good starting point. No smoke and lack of power ?  then screw it in a very small amount at the time till you are happy (she is happy) .  A very time consuming affair.If you
set carburetor mixture screws ---then you know how.

How far does the sleeve move from idle to full power ?  --about 1/8 inch.
That is a small move --so mechanical accuracy is important.

If you move fueling screw ---then Idle has to be reset.     So why is pedal not connected
to sleeve ?       Well it could be ---but it would be difficult to drive.

 Why do we need the Governor ?   --- maybe next time.


PS:  The sleeve looks like a washer  1 inch diameter by 0.5 thick  hole
about 3/8  inch. 

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