[Vwdiesel] Injection pump Bosch VE ---- ( swapping pumps )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Apr 5 12:27:36 EDT 2004

I have a spare injection pump and I've been hesitant
to swap onto my Jetta TD since the inner (and outter)
diameter of the return line fitting is much smaller
than the one on the pump that is on the Jetta. I
wonder if the fitting is installed at the factory to
set the internal pressure. The spare came from a
Quantum and I have a Jetta. I wonder if transverse Vs.
longitudnal engine installation makes the difference
in pump orientation having an effect on internal pump

I wounder if I should swap the return fittings if I
switch the pumps. Is the fitting size matched to the
pump, or pump location/orientation?


Nate please post the numbers on pumps ----  then the total knowledge
here may just get you going.   The best part of diesels to me  , is that
any pump that will squirt fuel at the right time and amount will do.

So even the smallest pump will get an engine going . And the bigger pumps
can be regulated for the smallest engine.

We are getting in to " Hillbilly "  territory.      I experiment with pumps and
injectors just about every day. And so far I found no reason that any pump
any nozzle  in any combination.  Will not get you to the saltmine.

A while back I call Bosch Technical Support and asked
specifically where I could get good hard numbers for
tolerances and performance measurements for specific
injection pump models. I was told that the information
is proprietary and only released to Bosch Authroized
Injection Puump Repair Facilities.


I like the statement from William A Thompson  --- is it bendover  info ?
yes indeed.  ---- Its like asking  Gates for the source code for windows.

Looking for the motherlode  --- here we go again.

We will find it due to the many skills found in this forum. It is to be found
at BOSCH in Germany or VOW  Germany. That may involve a little bit of
translation   ----  no problem. (and bribery)

The Bosch repair manual is out there and the numbers are listed for
all pumps.   The repairstation need them for the testrig.   

Lets see if we can get Loren to go spy a bit at the station he visited before.
He found out that different grades of vanes were available , last time.

Do not swap orifice without doing a bit of homework. Size of drainlines is
not critical.

I am having a ball , experimenting  ---- There are 3 VW  diesel running here
now ---- so if I screw up ?   --- I still get to town.

So what is different from one pump to the next ?   What does the letters at the end
indicate ? ---- Same basic pump  -- 107 A      Letter means pump is set up for
a certain engine --say 1.6L NA    --- On some turbo pumps the piston
is slightly bigger diameter.(more fuel)   Am I rambling ?  --yes I am am.


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