[Vwdiesel] Wisdom and Insight --- ( where from ???? )

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>Synthetic oils have been a disaster in the past ---- American advertising
>So be careful.
>The turbo is a special case ----- If you shut down a turbo red hot.----the
heat travels along
>the shaft to the bearing ---and it cooks the oil. In that case the  Mobil
Delvac 1  is a better
>choice. BUT ? do you do that.?.   Do I own shares in Exxon ?   NO.
>Synthetic Oils were invented say  1930 era , so why did it take   about 50
years to ban
>production of some of them ?  ---- like pyranol askarel etc.
>So  Delvac 1 and scamzoils and what not will never be banned ???? ---

  To which I say..... Huh?

  I didn't catch a bit of the thrust of that whole passage. Except that a
hot turbo will coke the bearings.


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