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Wow, sounds like a supply and demand thing...$500 USD would buy a decent 
running car around here with a good motor and car to go with it! I find 
motors for $100 regularily now due to the number of rusted and tired looking 
cars around here (Ottawa, Ontario), and the engines are good! It really 
should not smoke like that BUT if the oil is dirty and air filter clogged 
and injectors neglected it might be worth the risk if it were cheaper 
(IMHO). Remember it is cheap to rebuild a n/a diesel, under $1000 for 
everything done right, which is the better path?
How much blow by is there? Take off the oil cap with engine running and 
squeeze the hose on the valve cover, it the cap bounces off/gets blown away 
it has too much blow by (worn rings). Look around the fuel injectors for 
cracks in the head (threaded area), are there oil leaks around the dipstick 
(or signs of oil coming out the dipstick tube) signs of blow by, borrow an 
oil pressure guage (seriously ) and remove the cyl head oil pressure sender, 
sound have 29 psi @2000 rpm minimum, look for around 20 psi at idle.
Hope this helps

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>I recently picked-up an '84 Rabbit with a thrashed 1.6NA and need an
>engine.  I have now come across another 1.6 engine with hydraulic
>lifters in an '85 Jetta (obviously not the original engine).  In short,
>the engine cranks right up and smooths-out quickly.  It hadn't been
>started in a couple of weeks.  Upon closer inspection the oil is globby
>as it passes over the plastic valve baffle.  There is no evidence of oil
>in the oil or the overflow tank.  The engine smokes a bit when revved-
>and continues to smoke some with rpm's raised (greyish blue) but not too
>bad.  I can't drive it as one of the CV's is out.  The engine appears to
>be a later model as it has the long dipstick and round plastic air box.
>What do you all think about this?  It sounds pretty good- a continual
>clunk sound that I couldn't track-down but I also couldn't hear it
>coming from the engine core or valves with a screwdriver.  The clunk
>sounded like it was coming from around the timing belt area.  Any input
>would be appreciated.  I can buy it for around $500 USD.

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