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Chuck Carnohan CCarnoha at itd.state.id.us
Tue Apr 6 13:13:14 EDT 2004

This is getting interesting!  So, how hard are good 1.6na diesels to
come by?  Here in the West they are scarce and wrecking yards that have
one ask $600.00- I have seen them advertised in the Minneapolis-StPaul
area for $350.00.  It makes sense that the engines are more plentiful
back east with the rust and, the number of vehicles registered over the
years (population dynamics).  So, according to kind response to my
original question about this engine, I think I will pass as the dip
stick tube where it enters the block is leaking, some pressure is noted
when the oil fill cap is removed and a bit of smoke also emanates
briefly.  I just thought that the "O" ring on the dipstick tube needed
replacement but the pressure at the oil cap sounds like a determination
of unacceptable blow-by?  It sure did start easy though for a
low-compression engine.  Warm day (70 degrees) in the sunshine helps a
lot I'm sure.  I'm hard-pressed to pay 5 or 6 hundred dollars for an
engine when the last one I got was $300 with the pickup attached!  Lucky
scrounge, I know! I just don't want to be stupid and let a good engine
slip away.....


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<<<I find motors for $100 regularily now due to the
number of rusted and tired looking cars around here
(Ottawa, Ontario), and the engines are good!>>>

I live in Northern Virginia (right outside of
Washington, DC). I called a few local salvage yards
three years ago and asked if they had a VW diesel
motor for sale. They must not be common around here (I
can not remember the last time I saw a VW IDI diesel
on the road, other than mine here) and at about the
fifth call I located one. It was a non-turbo motor
from a Golf that had about 135,000 miles on it. Get
this, the salvage yard wanted $1,200 US dollars for
it! And that was with me picking it up!


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