[Vwdiesel] Powerplant Trades

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Tue Apr 6 22:51:53 EDT 2004

> >
> > Work OK for airplanes, chainsaws, and low milage cars.  (Didn't Saab
> > have a 3 cyl aircooled engine?)
> >
>   Naw, the Saab "Shrike" engine was a 3 cylinder water-cooled
> two-stroke, a close copy of the German DKW engine of the same
> configuration.

 Friend of ours when I was a kid had a whole herd of the 2-stroke wagons. He
prayed hard at the temple of SAAB. I remember he had to change the exhaust
systems periodically, not due to rust, but because the carbon would build up
in the pipes and choke out the engine. Little to no engine braking (not that
our diesels have a bunch, either). Odd little critters, they were.
 Same guy later on had an aircooled Westy that he converted to run a
watercooled 1600 cc Toyota 2T-C out of a '70s era Corolla. Those were neat
engines in themselves, I had one in a Carina, my first car. They were true
hemi-head engines, and looked like half of a shrunken Mopar V-8 with the
cylinders stood up straight. He ran pipes to a radiator mounted on the front
bumper. Worked out very well for him, once he got the initial bugs worked


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