[Vwdiesel] Air cooled gas VW's versus Diesel VW's

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Tue Apr 6 22:56:04 EDT 2004

> > It's not even remotely debatable -- aircooled engines of any brand or
> > simply don't last at all compared to watercooled.
>  You might want to rethink that.  : )  My brother-in-law used to work on
> combines.  Deutz-Allis air cooled diesels.  If they break down and don't
> last, farmers AIN'T gonna use em!

 Doesn't James have an aircooled VW running a thresher? Seems as though
whatever it is, I remember him telling of the pipes glowing red when it's
running under load. Could be poor memory on my part, too.  :-P


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