[Vwdiesel] Fw: Power Generation --- ( electrical )

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Tue Apr 13 02:54:16 EDT 2004

> Co-Gens  ----start your engines.

Except for certain areas.
Here in the land run by the Trotskyites, (Saskatchewan) the government is
the only game in town.  They have a monopoly on the utilities, that they
hold with an iron glove.  When I was younger, and possibly more naive, I
wanted desperately to set up a cogen project on my yard.  we have enough
wind to accomplish this, and a 15kw windmillmill was in my budget.
Everywhere but here, you can bank power in the grid, making the capital
payback quite attractive at 10 cents per kw, same as you pay.  Not so here-
you have to run 2 meters, one for usage, one for supply.  You buy at the
usual rate, and sell it back at the "nominal cost of generation", which they
claim is .5 cents per kw, as in one half cent/kw.  So the windmill is paid
for at a rate that it is about worn out when the capital debt is taken care
of. Perfect.  Of course when the politician speaks, the nominal cost of
generation is 6 cents per kw, so it doesn't sound like they are hosing the
residents too badly... what else is new.
So, if you want to cogen, discover your rules first, like the one on our
books that makes it illegal for me to generate power unless I'm hooked to
the grid. Hmm, that makes sense.  About as much sense as offering to sell me
"green" power from the big gov't windpower utility project (figures) for an
additional 5 bucks a month.  How that is accomplished, I really wanna know.

Hagar, you the generating man, you tell me how I can get exclusively green
electricity from the same pipe as the dirty hydrocarbon generated stuff.
Special green filters?  I really wanna know... :-)
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