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I really do not know the details.     But "GREEN" power is big in Denmark.

So people get together and invest in putting up a mill. A mill may be owned by
hundreds of people ( Tax incentives ).

Here is my take on how it is done (guess) ------ If green is ten % of power on grid
Then your bill will reflect that ----- 90% dirty 10% green.

Like Gary Orlando say it works.  I talked to a fella in Denmark who owned part of
a mill and he was rubbing his hands in glee.  Good investment said he.

Breakdowns and maintenance is a problem.  Siemens transformers are being
sued for breakdowns  right now.    So if you are lucky you make money ---if
not ?.

I am a "Green" person   ----- but not a fanatic.       I know this , that the talk
I hear from down south about self regulation ---- nuts    never worked anywhere
in an emergency. Corporations operate by self interest --not what is best for the globe.

Further I was deeply involved in the California Power disaster --- so I have here all the
papers  Power acts etc.       My friends in California was exposed to "Profiteering"
of the worst kind.   Blame Enron and the BC government (BC Hydro) .

I was trying my best to talk sense to BC Hydro (I asked the big Kahuna point blank if he knew
the definition of the word profiteering.)   Greedy swinery  ---no way to treat a friend who needs water or power.  I lived through the corrosive effect of the BLACK market in Europe  from 1940 to
1950.     By the way water is regulated in Denmark ----dirty and clean ---everything is metered.

My personal opinion ?   about Wind-Mills ?  ---- too many is a blight on the landscape.

Lets perfect Nukes and Hydrogen instead ---- Gary are those Nuke sub reactors safe
and cost effective , with some improvements ?    Totally clean coal power should be
possible by now ?.

In Canada  to be paid 0.5 cents for one kilowatt hour is about right.    Rolling back the
meter pays better.   LOL.

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