[Vwdiesel] Hagar Bashing --- ( answering James Hansen )

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Apr 14 01:07:05 EDT 2004

> So people get together and invest in putting up a mill. A mill
> may be owned by
> hundreds of people ( Tax incentives ).

So this model makes sense.  Very little about green power here makes any
sense, other than it being a way to milk the idealistic.  It annoys me
because there is so much opportunity to do this the right way, they just
seem to be discovering (exploiting) all the wrong ways at once.

> Further I was deeply involved in the California Power disaster
> --- so I have here all the
> papers  Power acts etc.

So now we know who to blame :-)

> Lets perfect Nukes and Hydrogen instead

Absolutely.  Build the nukes on the northern shield, right next to the mine
and smelter. Just a closed loop in the same area, far from population, and
as safe as it can ever get.  Build a huge line over to Fort Mac, so they can
use electricity for a hydrogen cracking source rather than gulping up
enormous quantities of natural gas as a hydrogen source for cracking the
oilsands crude. It makes nothing but sense, but then again, that should
ensure that it never gets built...

> James Hansen is regulated by  Canadian Electrical code (Federal)
>        plus local quirks.

Quirks. hmmm....That's a polite name for them. I've been known to use a lot
of other, much less polite ones. heh.

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