[Vwdiesel] RE: PCV

Libbybapa at wmconnect.com Libbybapa at wmconnect.com
Sat Apr 17 11:27:22 EDT 2004

I currently own an '84 vanagon with a '95 Jetta 2.0L I4 motor conversion 
(great van, I didn't do the conversion or it would be diesel), and an '87 vanagon 
that I am currently working on putting a 1.6 TD motor into.  Both will be the 
stock vanagon diesel 50 degree tilt to driver's side.  The previous owner of 
the '84 van said that if he ever even slightly overfilled the oil (1/4 quart) 
it would spill out the PCV valve and get sucked into the fuel injection system, 
making a big mess.  He disconnected the hose from the intake and added a 
one-way check valve to make sure nothing got into the engine and set it up as just 
a road draft tube, so that if overfilled it would just spew out the tube and 
not muck up the FI.  
  I am concerned that the current setup will not vent crankcase fumes 
properly and will prematurely foul oil.  When I do the TD conversion I will be 
addressing the same issue.  I remember talk a little while ago about rerouting PCV 
to access on the block.  With a different setup I think I could address all my 
concerns.  Please tell me more. Thanks, Andrew.

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