[Vwdiesel] Need Oil Pump Help

Gavrik Peterson gavrik at cablespeed.com
Sun Apr 18 19:11:48 EDT 2004

While I was installing the sprockets and pulleys on that rebuilt 1.6L
diesel engine, I found yet another problem.  I noticed that the
intermediate shaft pulley was difficult to turn.  I could rotate it by
hand, but only with great effort.  I then removed the vacuum pump and
tried directly rotating the shaft of the pump with pliers.  This was
also very difficult.

I found that the pump shaft was binding between the bushing in the
pump and the bushing in the engine block that is located where the
pump shaft enters the cavity where the vacuum pump mounts.  With
further investigation, I found that this was because the bushing in
the pump was misaligned.  This misalignment can be seen by placing a
square between the mounting surface of pump and the pump shaft.

As an experiment, I reinstalled the pump, using shims to try to
correct for the misalignment of the shaft.  It was not hard to find a
combination of shim location and thickness that allowed the pump to
turn quite freely.

The defective pump is only identified by the name SCHADEK.  For some
reason the rebuilder selected a high volume pump (36mm).  I don't know
where it was made.

Wow, I do love to get into the details.

Ok, here are my questions:

(1) What oil pump should I order for this non-turbo engine?  Should I
stick with a stock pump (26mm) or is there some reason better to go
with one of these higher volume pumps (30 or 36 mm)?  I could use some
help in specifying the correct pump.

(2) Does anyone know how much clearance should exist between the oil
pump shaft and that top bushing in the block up near the vacuum pump?
Is it important for this clearance to be low or is it non-critical?

(3) The intermediate shaft pulley has about 10 degrees of play.  Is
this excessive?  What is normal play?  Does this mean that I should
replace the vacuum pump?

Gavrik Peterson

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