[Vwdiesel] Lube Oil for old Rabbits ---- ( use DINO )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Apr 20 13:16:46 EDT 2004

I know that Hagar doesn't believe in synthetic oils, ----  ??????    wrong.

I have been exposed to synthetic oils since 1945.    In some applications
they are good ---in some applications ----no good.

In general they do not burn well ------ and leave a lot of ASH in combustion
chamber and Exhaust.

I have done like Val Christian for many years   ----use Dino and change often.
That way we get rid of contaminants like water , acid, soot, and fuel dilution.

One reason old Rabbits take off --like berserk is lots of diesel in lube.

Matter of money and sense.  Never have I had a failure from lack of lubrication
using DINO. oil.

Old Rabbits burn lube ---- so it make sense to use a lube that is ashless like
Aviation lube.(Piston engine)  ---- too expensive  --- so do like Val and I, use
really cheap Dino ----  

Yes I do at times use AV oil ----but only because I have a lot of time expired
stock sitting that got to go.

Line up a line of Blue beercaps ---- fill them with different oils and a wick. You will
be able to see how well they burn.  Same goes for fuel samples.  Cracked diesel
is awful.

Paraffin crude makes for good fuel and lube. Good paraffin crude is hard to get these
days ---- so refiners have to use Asphalt.  And a lot of cracking.

Do I like Crissy from Tyler Texas ???? yeah ---just wish he would not push his oil
so hard here.
He is a valuable  contributor here and I have received a lot of help from him. And he
may still have a connection to the refiner down there .  I have a good relation with
the Esso Refinery at Sarnia Canada.   They are great as far as customer service is concerned.
But I have no commercial reason for mentioning Esso lubricants.

At one time Shell was top of the heap here -----they had better crude than anybody

I have all the papers for becoming a dealer for scamszoil ----and I read the fine print.
Not likely to happen.

I know nothing about the oil  --- but one hell of a lot about the advertising and the
flogging system.

Hagar.     ----   well oiled.

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