[Vwdiesel] CV axle problems

Gavrik Peterson gavrik at cablespeed.com
Tue Apr 20 17:44:10 EDT 2004

Last night I finished disassembling and my drive shafts.

I noticed that the grease that was actually in the joints was way
thicker and less mobile then new grease.  Also, there was grease that
was on the inside of the boot that was thinner and more runny then new
grease.  It looks like some fluid component of the grease separated
out and left the joint and was thrown out toward the boot.

The stuff I used was Red Line CV-2 Synthetic.  I am wondering if the
Amsoil Synthetic grease holds up any better?  Any comments?


On Tue, 20 Apr 2004 11:34:33 EDT, you wrote:

>Hi again, 
>>Hi all, One idea on getting the most out of your joints is to swap them 
>>to the other side. The worn surfaces will only be loaded during 
>>and in reverse. Lots less stress. I haven't tried that yet but seems like 
>>makes sense. Later on. Doug
>>>The problem I see with this is that you'll put a sudden load on things 
>>>as the ball rolls across the previously worn grove. This could break 
>>>the cage, the weakest part of the joint. When that cage goes there's a 
>>>crunch and then free wheeling. It may only clunk or clack as well.
> Thanks for your input, Loren.  This idea came from a guy who used to work at 
>a VW dealership and it was his idea to swap them around. It has merit. I 
>guess the real question is how bad do the symptoms need to be before one takes 
>action.  If you have REALLY badly worn cages, you would be seeing those severe 
>kinds of symptoms already during deceleration, and of course you'd want to 
>change them out if you're getting clunking or clacking. However, if you are just 
>starting to notice a lack of smoothness in the driveline or other relatively 
>minor problems, this might be well worth trying. I can't imagine someone driving 
>on bad joints long enough to where the cage explodes, but I suppose there are 
>people out there that clueless.  For my own self, if I'm going to the trouble 
>of removing them, it's worth it to me to put on new ones, so I hopefully won't 
>have to think about them again for a long time.  Take care, Doug
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