[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 66 ----- ( a matter of choice )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Apr 21 15:00:21 EDT 2004

Val Christian had something right IMHO   IMHO   --- the word is  "ART" not science.

The real thing here is TLC  for your Rabbit.  --- That spells TIME  and lots of it.

Lubricants are important  --- and do I like syn ??? yes ---but I do not like the price.

Did I investigate in depth ??? certainly.     So it is an ART to do what is right.

The best of the crude is used for high end lubes like  AVIATION  ---lube.    Why is that ?
--money.    To wind up with an ashless lube --- it is done by selecting crude. So now
we wind up with two problems ----- good lubrication and good combustion.  So does Dino
lubricate well ? yes.   Does it burn well ?  yes.        Does syn lubricate well ???   yes.
Does it burn well ?   ---- NO.       So we are back to "ART".

Ask any refiner ---- and I bet they say  --- a lot of art is involved.  Like making BEER ---
do you think it is all science ?     

Here are the numbers on ASH (sash)    from Esso Exxon Mobil.   EE 100 ------
Ash mass %  NIL.     Sulfur mass %  0.50.

So why do we not use that in diesels ?    NIL sash sounds good ----- enter DA CRAP.

Dispersant for soot and things to neutralize acid ---- and so on. Are needed.

Name me a Syn  fully certified for Aircraft engines ???  that should give you a hint of
what I am talking about.    Piston engines.

The very properties that makes Syn so great ---is counter productive in certain applications.

ALL the syn's that I checked are loaded with ASH (sash).

NO    API    I do not use.       Wisdom and experience ---- believe it.   Better non API 
oils may be available -----   now we are talking ARTs.   

Cheap Dino like Loren said ----may coke up the top rings ---I agree .   ---enter  the ART.

Why ART ?   because only you know the condition of use ---- Inuvik and Texas desert the same ?
nuff said.       Here on the "WET COAST"   moisture is a problem ---- that calls for a rust
preventative. -------- .

Someone here asked why the  6 month or whatever rule ???  super question   I never
got a believable answer.   But Hagar the artist thinks he knows.

Having a LOT of fun  ---this is Rabitdosious weather . ---bet your ass.

Her is my Poetic side :       You have to say DY like them Scottish ones.   means to do.

"To dy and dy , and dy some more
and dy and dy your whole life thry 
but nary dy a chore.

So is it work?     never.


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