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Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Aug 3 20:42:48 EDT 2004

Yesterday I took out the diaphram and discovered that the cone is symetrical but offset; so Loren was right after all . So his description can be summed up by saying Y=mx +c !
With 'c' being altered by rotation.  Of course not to loose the argument totaly I could say that the rate of change (of the rate of change) is alterable by the adjustment of the tension(compression) of the spring :op
Actually looking a little closer the rate of change must alter through the rangeof cone travel becauss the pin is pushed against a pivot which swings in an arcand so is not a perpendicular 'push' I've posted some nice pics on the Yahoo sitein the files section under "Spaceship dilithium crystal"
Note the limited travel marks and the nylon washer limiting  at maximum deflection...
It looks like a curved surface could easily be machined in a replacement rod for a taylored response.... 
A sort of mechanical 'chipping' ; but would it need to be concave or convex for high performance?
Back to my gearing problem... I'll concede that gears are better than no gears ..but what about less of them for weight saving? I've mentioned before the enhanced gear  ratios of the 5 cylinder gassers... Has anyone ever swapped a cluster over?
I'm sure you'll all agree that the single speed diesel would cope better economically than a gasser

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