[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 104 --- ( few dieselcars in California ??? )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Aug 7 13:19:31 EDT 2004

Sigrid and Lars just moved up here to the great white north (from LA) driving a 
nice white Passat.
Yesterday I was asked to go help Lars with a computer problem ---then the
talk got around to Bunny Bondo ---they both liked the LOOKS of her but
when I mentioned more than 74miles to a gallon Imp, Lars really paid attention.

So I said why did you not get a Passat diesel ? (they got a gasser) he turned to me and said
he did not know that diesels that small was made.(I had to lift the bonnet).

Now they are going to trade it in. So I may get to drive a Passat TDI after all.

He mentioned that they get 22 or 23 miles to a gallon (US?) Maybe Ferguson or
Gary Orlando will let us know ---if VW diesels are rare in Kalifornia.?.

Final report on towing trip with New 2004 Passat TDI   Hayden Chasteen 

Thank you Hayden I am going to show your thread to Lars.

Now about the Bunny Bondo girl ?  --she works better every time I take her for a spin..
I figure it has to do with purging deposits in Turbo and engine from running
rich for so many years. Running lean at high power-settings (5 psi) must blow
burn or shake away deposits. The turbo howls even at moderate power now.
When I got the girl 05 mar 2003 the turbo hardly moved.   I have seen valve stems
on 1.5L NA  where the deposit was bloody near closing the port.

And I am still on the lube that I put in last year. Blotter test show that oil is ok.
Running LEAN means that little soot is added to oil. Very impressive difference.
To understand what I am talking about read up on the ECO thread posted by
 -- I forget.    I have been running this baby as a VW ECO  without knowing it.

Little fuel lots of boost ----that's the way to lots of mileage.(and no smoke).

Hagar.  in ECO mode--- every day. ---every mile.

PS:  I am going to coin a word --"Smileage" ---more than 44 dollars a barrel ?
74 miles --that is smileage.

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