[Vwdiesel] OT Renault turbo diesel runaway!

greg rich greg4vwparts at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 9 10:15:05 EDT 2004

Hey Gang
I have a 1984 Winnebago lesharo (Rialta predecessor) with a Renault 
powertrain, 2.1 turbo diesel (J8S engine), around 80 hp and ample for this 
motorhome. We bought it last year in NYC and drove it home to Ottawa (10 
hours) without problems, then camped a few time etc racked up another few 
hundred miles. I recently fixed it up (new cooling system etc) and on the 
test drive it took off on engine oil after about 10 minutes of driving at 
55mph. I removed the intercooler and cleaned it (pint of oil) and all the 
hoses then ran the engine without the blow by hoses-it has a block hose, cyl 
head hose (valve cover), vent hose to turbo and a seperator with a drain 
back to the oil pan. The valve cover has alot of pressure which it didn't 
have when we bought it and if you rev the motor up to around 3000 rpm oil 
will come out of the valve cover! I plan on routing the hose in a jar to see 
how bad it is but what could have failed to cause this suddenly? I though a 
ring would pressurize the crankcase vent not valve cover right? I have owned 
20 VW diesels and learned what a low compression motor sounds like/behaves, 
this motor does not exhibit those other traits!



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