[Vwdiesel] RE: new member cruise control

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Mon Aug 9 12:59:32 EDT 2004

It is
> much different from the older systems found with the 1.6 diesel. Learn to
> live without cruise!


Even if I have to prop a stick between the seat and the gas pedal..I'll do
it! ;-)


My 97 golf td has the same issue.  I haven't had the time to actually look
at things, but when I do, I'll get back to you.  Right now, it will work
perfectly for fifty miles, then drop out like a sack of dead bugs. I have
fiddled with pedal switches, wiggled the signal stalk, soaked it in contact
cleaner etc. all while driving to find the electrical gremlin but that's the
extent.  It does act like an intermittent electrical fault... so it could be
right from vacuum swich to wires to a cold solder joint on a circuit board.
Great... that's why I haven't dove into it yet.  Too much other fun stuff to
do. Winter project...


Is your cruise control spruce or fir?

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