[Vwdiesel] Broken Power Steering Bolts (fwd)

Chuck Carnohan CCarnoha at itd.state.id.us
Mon Aug 9 13:00:40 EDT 2004

Very good discussion on this miserable topic.  I have found that
drilling completely through the broken bolt will make the removal easier
as well.  So instead of just drilling deep enough to get the easy out
established, go ahead and drill to the end of the bolt.  It seems to
allow the busted bolt to come away from the threads of the
block/whatever easier.  It also allows your PB Blaster (best penetrating
oil around) to get to the threads better.

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Reading these with interest as I've got to get out broken exhaust studs
from my diesel Vanagon exhaust manifold in the next few days... booo...
going to pull the manifold - hope it clears the motor mount.


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