[Vwdiesel] Broken Exhaust Studs

Mary Beth and Chris Geiser geiser at execpc.com
Mon Aug 9 19:43:13 EDT 2004

I'd heard about the candle trick, but forgot about in and have never
tried it... good idea... time to raid the kids b-day candles...


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> The Vanagon diesel uses studs/nuts from the exhaust manifold to the
> first exhaust pipe instead of those spring clip things they use on the
> cars.  3 of the four of mine are broke.  Took the manifold off
> and the three broken ones still have enough nubby's on them to get a
> vice grip on, so they're busy soaking in Liquid Wrench for the next
> days... the fourth came right out with the stud attached - woo hoo!!

  Sounds like a good application for the candle trick.

 Heat the manifold and stud up hot enough so you can't grab it but not
anywhere near glowing, then melt a candle on the metal all over the
area so that the melted wax can work it's way down inbetween the
Allow it to cool and simply spin it out. Works amazingly well, I've been
suitably impressed each time I have used it.

 The only really GOOD liquid penetrant I've used was a tap lubricant
"Tapfree", made by Winbro. It was nice and thin and had 1,1,1
in it, so of course you can't buy the stuff any more. I have a can or
stashed away just for special occasions.  :-))


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