[Vwdiesel] Ever Boiled your Balls?

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Over packing a bearing is almost as harmful as under packing.  Too much
grease will cause extra friction and premature bearing failure.  Careful how
much you use !!

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My dad WAS a motorcycle buff back in the 50's and 60's (if you can call 20
odd bikes being a buff).I'd be amased if you could stil buy such a useful
item today....It's more of a new bearing...+ housing + cover ... infact
'replacement engine sir' these daysMark(The Miser)UKWhile in the USAF I
spent some time in jolly ole England and being a
certified motorcycle nut found that country more hospitable to two wheel
vehicles than the US drivers. They still had many bikes that did NOT
have o-ring drive chains. One of the products available at the
motorcycle shops was a tin, about the size of a pie plate, full of a
thick, waxy grease, that you "put on the cook top, placing chain on top
of grease. When chain falls to bottom of tin remove heat, allow to cool,
remove chain prior to hardening of grease." I would suspect that some
form of that product is still marketed.


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My dad says he used to repack his bearing races by heating a pot of
grease and dropping them in it and cooking for a while, then allowing to
cool..."Balls packed tighter than a sardine in a tin"

Mark (The Miser)Uk
"There's nothing more stimulating than driving past a bonfire and then
realising it's your car that's smokin"

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