[Vwdiesel] Injection pump talks for beginners. ---( mostly the pump gang ).

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Aug 12 11:34:17 EDT 2004

Even if you are not a pumper , you may pick up a trick or two.

Talk is mostly about OLD VW's 1977 to 1986 or so.

FAQ :   How many miles are they good for ?.

A :  With proper lubrication they will last a lot of miles.  I'm guessing   500 000.

With crappy fuel they may have to go in for rework at 60 000 Km.

FAQ : What is this talk about a Yellow polkadot pump ?    

A :   Wish I knew , I am still working on that one.

We are talking about a 1.5L NA  pump for a  77 to 80 models.   Simple ? right
clear as mud to me.

If your wife had the thing "Detailed"  --steamclened and what not ---ups there went
the dot.   Now what do we do ?     Is there a way of measuring something to
identify a yellow pump without the dot ?

Having dabbled in these little delights for a while ---I would not be
surprised to find that the internal timing was changed. (advanced) Remember
the timing marks on flywheel and pump and bracket are fixed.  To get better
performance , maybe Bosch changed the pump it self a bit.

The Bentley states that advancing timing for better performance is approved
by factory,   ( remember hillbilly TUNING ? )

FAQ :    Can a DIY do anything to these pumps ?   or do they have to go
in for a rebuild. ?    (very costly)

A :  Yes    after fooling around a lot ---I find it amazing how much can be done
with next to no tools.    I do recommend an impact screwdriver (15 dollars) 

They must have gorillas at bosch ---or they use some kind of lock-tite.

On the old Rabbit the most annoying problem is the leak at the cold start shaft.
That will empty the pump ----necessitating a fill-up at the outlet banjo.

Most important for beginner with starting troubles ---MAKE SURE PUMP IS FULL
to the brim  --before cranking.    Remove outlet banjo and look , fuel should
be near the top.   Pump holds a LOT of fuel   , shit to prime it you may
use half a liter or so.


PS :   Trying to fill pump by cranking --- will not work on a lot of old Rabbits.

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