[Vwdiesel] Injection pump talks for beginners. ---( mostly the pump gang ).

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Aug 12 12:37:26 EDT 2004

  Simple, read the VW part number stamped into the body.  068-130-107 A.  
It MUST have the "A" nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you Loren   -------   I sure wasted a lot of time on this one.   Not a problem
for me since I do mine by Hillbilly Tuning.     But it is important to the guys out there.

Who time using  dial..---(aren't you glad you use Dial ?)(soap)

I do remember Gary from Florida mention "Anemic" VW's   when set to the
old settings.

My problem is that I have never seen a 107 pump with no letter. So I am going
to ask Val Christian if his early pump 1977VW  had NO letter. ? Or Loren
have you seen pumps without a letter ?

And WHY did Bentley not mention that ?.

One very important thing that Gary (Orlando) mentioned was not to go too
far advanced on the pump.  It puts extra strain on crank.( I agree)

This is like code breaking ---little by little we will have these critters tamed.

Did I have this much fun with carburetor's ?    ---no way.

Gary how can we identify you for those who want to read you in archives ?

You are after all a senior pump man.  We have many Gary's.

 And by the way I have the LDA next to figured out.   Looking inside did the
trick.   One more "Attaboy" for Loren.

Remember one "AH SHIT" cancels out a hundred attaboys.


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