[Vwdiesel] jet-a powered aircraft

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Sat Aug 14 00:22:13 EDT 2004

> Val Christian wrote:
> > 
> > The Franklin diesel looks like it might work, and the price is not
> > terribly bad.  100LL is getting pretty pricy, and with a buck or
> > often more per gallon differential from JET-A, there's hope.
> > 
>   Avgas is about the only fuel that contains lead anymore -  phasing out
> lead is a big reason for the move to diesels in aircraft.
> Dave Ross    N7EPI

You are absolutely right.  The EPA has been banging that drum for a 
long time.  I believe that 100LL has 2.0 ml of tetraethyl lead per gal.
The old 100/130 had 4.0.  30 years ago I knew all the specs.  Today I just
remember parts of them, and not always the right units.


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