[Vwdiesel] Emergency Fuel? alstum

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Aug 15 13:33:33 EDT 2004

     Being somewhat concerned about the Middle East
situation, got to thinking about emergency fuel if
a situation should arise where normal diesel fuel
is not available.
     How about kerosene mixed with two cycle oil?
How about gasoline and two cycle oil? Any other
ideas besides cooking oil and home heating fuel?



Al  and  all  :   If you own and drive a  VW diesel  say 1977 to 1986 you have nothing
to worry about. --- we are in the drivers seat.

This morning  15 Aug 2004  I was watching dateline London on telly and it was about
oil supply.

And ALL   gasoline and jet fuel users for recreation  etc ---have something to worry about.

The real problems are not too far from now ---maybe even in my time.

I feel like a Nostra Damus of oil use. ----- I found out  about this problem at least 50
years ago. And it was from an American Oil engineer.    I say he was RIGHT.

He predicted that the world would run out of oil ---and produced graphs.

NO the sky is not falling -----we will adjust  ----you may quote me.

Rationing will come first ----- quote me.------- In a war that has to be.   And this is
a WAR  against frivolous consumption.   I was there for more than 5 years 1940
to 1945  ----- life went on.

Road Warriors again ?   --- I do not think so.    BUT  you better get a locking
fuel cap now. ------or like me install a decoy tank  with smoke oil. Purple
smoke and lots of sugar.  My private gas-pumps are mounted on top of the septic tank
---  NO SHIT.

Two pumps Premium and Regular.     Premium filters out the lumps.Let them teens steal
all they like.

If you have furnace fuel tanks outside or equipment  ---keep an eye on the
fuel. LOCK every thing.

Furnace oil for old ladies in winter is my biggest worry ---not those private 747

The  Hybrids like Prius  and so on is a major fraud  ----smoke and mirror act.
Yes you may quote me. ---    DO NOT   waste your money.

However if you are a serious experimenter with lots of money ---get one.

GM's EV-1 ? garbage.     ---- GM got my tax dollars and I had NO say.

Or I should I could not stop it.

Oil consumption ?  ---- you ain't seen nothing yet ---say I.


PS:  so AL   it not just Arab supply ---it is world wide.

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