[Vwdiesel] 92 ECO injectors (redux)

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Go to item g. on this page. http://tdiclub.com/TDIFAQ/TDiFAQ-7.html

This is a great list. There is much TDI knowledge at www.tdiclub.com

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Hi gang,

I've been lurking on this list for a couple of years
now.  What a group of experts!

I own a 2000 Gold TDI, the last of the German-made
models. It uses essentially no lube oil.

I'm having fits cleaning the EGR valve and manifold
and keeping them that way. Once I get the EGR valve
"unstuck", its only weeks before it starts sticking

Has anyone on the list found some sort of solvent that
will "deep clean" the crap that forms on the EGR valve?

I've tried WD-40, brake cleaner, paint stripper, and
I can't remember what else.  Nothing seems to unstick
the EGR valve for more than a few weeks. I use Delvac-1
and "name brand" fuels Amoco, Shell, Mobil.

How are fouled intake manifolds cleaned?

Thanks to everyone who contributes.  I hope to do so eventually.



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Erik Lane wrote:
> the subject still says '92 ECO injectors' but unless
> i'm mistaken you're now talking about a newer TDI with
> a computer in it, right? (cause of the MAF)
> if so, the symptoms seem very similiar to a tdi beetle
> that i worked on. it ended up being a clogged EGR
> valve that was causing all the problems. got that all
> cleaned out and it had a whole new life. no more

> starting problems or rough idle.
> worth looking into, at any rate. if it's that then all
> it will cost you is your time.
> good luck!
> erik
> --- TexasTDI <TexasVWdriver at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>How can you tell the difference between failing
>>injectors and failing glow
>>plugs?  I think I have one or the other, or maybe
>>even both.  Not too
>>mention MAF problems as well.
>>I'm currently running with the MAF unplugged until
>>the new one comes in.
>>But now in the morning, when the engine has been
>>sitting for at least 8
>>hours overnight and is cold, it starts but does so sluggishly.  Idling

>>very rough until I step on the accelerator.  Then a nice
>>cloud of white smoke
>>appears.  After a few minutes, when the car has
>>warmed up, it idles fine.
>>This past winter (2003) I would sometimes have to
>>cycle the GP's two or
>>three times for the car to start.  Didn't have to do
>>that during the prior
>>winter (2002).  Also, I'm noticing a very distinct
>>noise near the fuel pump.
>>A loud clatter over and above the normal diesel
>>clatter.  It's hard to
>>pinpoint the exact location.  But it's definitely
>>coming from the top of the
>>engine, on the passenger side, near the fuel pump
>>and timing belt.
>>Failing GP's ?
>>Failing injector(s) ?
>>Failing fuel pump ?
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>>Subject: [Vwdiesel] 92 ECO injectors
>>>    My 92 ECO 1.6 sortaTD has been experiencing
>>gradually decreasing fuel
>>>economy and occasionally I see white exhaust puffs
>>at startup after
>>>overnight. Fuel and coolant consumption is nil,
>>and with 180k on the
>>>I suspect that it's time for new injectors.
>>>    The ECO injector needles and tips list
>>different part numbers from
>>>of conventional 1.6 TDs.  I've got some old VW
>>promotional material that
>>>says that the injector tips were changed in order
>>to increase their
>>>longevity.  Unfortunately, my usual suppliers
>>can't locate any new or
>>>rebuilt injectors, this model having sold only
>>about 1000 units over 2
>>>years.  My question is whether conventional td
>>injectors would be
>>>for use in this application.  Break pressure on
>>the ECO injectors is the
>>>same on either unit.
>>>    TIA,
>>>    Scott Kair
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