[Vwdiesel] Smoke and engine flushing?

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Aug 19 11:31:39 EDT 2004

guess I'm what you'd call a pretty frustrated VW diesel owner. 

George Allison   RELAX      IMHO if this group does not get you going  -------run the
thing over a cliff and collect insurance.

Some years ago I had all the problems you have -- and then some.   Then I stumbled
in here ----  mother look at me now ----      go step by step and a few months from now
you will be here telling some newbie how you did it.

My Rabbits gave up smoking long time ago ----hold a smoke detector at the tailpipe
on mine and it may not go off.  --- hey that is one test I never did but will do.

For this gang to help you --we need lots of information.    Bosch VE pump numbers
miles on Car and type . and all you got on engine.   Sounds to me that all you need is
a fine tuning job and a test of the pump. Both are simple as hell  ---but time consuming.

With the upcoming fuel shortage ---you own one of the best in the world.    I am getting 75 miles
to a gallon Imp  and NO SMOKE.    On a 20 year old car ?  GM try to beat that.


PS :   and Loren said put in new nozzles  ----    you will not regret.

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