[Vwdiesel] oil pressure sending unit

Chris Collin rangerdanger_svo at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 21 12:58:48 EDT 2004

Hello, all.  I am using an oil pressure gauge I sourced from an 87 audi 4000 .  It has a remote electrical sender with two terminals.  One works for pressure, but I am wondering what the other is for.  Didn't seem to work with my temp gauge.  Does it drive the idiot light?  Just joined the list, have been reading the archives for a few months.  I have just finished a diesel scirocco conversion and it runs like dirt.  Won't idle, no power, lots of smoke, all the good stuff.  It was a russian roulette engine transfer.  I am just happy it works at all.  It sits now patiently awaiting the diagnostic fun to begin.  Can't wait!  

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