[Vwdiesel] 92 ECO injectors (redux)

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Yeah, there would be quire a bit of crankcase pressure
to shoot out the elephant hose.  I'd think a filter
would be a good idea.  My last car (a '90 VW gasser)
seemed to "suck" and "blow"  I forgot to fully seat
the oil dipstick once, and noticed quite a bit of dust
and debris the thing.  I suppose there's some pulsation
there.  Just a thought.


2000 Golf TDI


TexasTDI wrote:
> "TexasTDI (Chris) suggested doing the "elephant hose" modification.  Chris,
> how do you keep dust and road dirt from backing up through the "elephant"?
> (BTW,  I use Mobil Delvac-1.)"
> You can attach a small filter to the end of the hose.  I haven't bothered
> because as long as the engine is running, blowby (for lack of a better term)
> is coming out of the hose.  And I would think it would be pretty hard for
> dirt to get in when air is being blown out.  So far my oil analysis hasn't
> shown any abnormal levels of Silicon either.  High levels of Silicon is a
> sign of dirt in the engine.
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>>Thanks to everyone who replied!
>>I wanted to find a way to dissolve gunk in
>>the intake manifold that's already there.
>>The car has 53,000 miles on it.
>>Loren, Al and Troy suggested looking up the
>>problem on the tdiclub.com (Fred's?) web
>>page.  There was the answer (section 7.g)
>>The tdi page says specifically that it's not
>>possible to clean an intake manifold without
>>removing it. The valves are another headache
>>Looks like big buck$ when the engine quits
>>running well.
>>Loren suggested Motor Vac cleaner. He said
>>The "MotorVac Diesel Engine Cleaner" (MV3D)
>>is  here:
>>(US$118 per case)
>>Loren and Al agreed about vag-com; turning EGR
>>down as low as possible.
>>TexasTDI (Chris) suggested doing the "elephant
>>hose" modification.  Chris, how do you keep dust
>>and road dirt from backing up through the
>>"elephant"?  (BTW,  I use Movil Delvac-1.)
>>Looks like there's not much to be done without
>>"fixing" the EGR system, tearing down the car,
>>and cleaning the intake manifold. Perhaps
>>some "hacking" with vag-com can delay the
>>Thanks, everyone!
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