[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 114 ---( starving Rabbits ? --NO WAY )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Aug 23 16:33:46 EDT 2004

A fuel crisis for Rabbits ?  relax --not ever.

In my fridge is a bunch of joints (I do not use) they are for friends. They have been there for years.
One observation I made was that those people ---have some form of magnification
of creative powers. And if they were faced with a shortage of Rabbit food ?  they would have
a lot of solutions. ---

When did I first learn about the citrus diesel ?   1938 ---from an uncle.  I bet Gary in Orlando
will get a lot of bangs out of this one.
It was Christmas time and he showed me that if you took a piece of orange peel
and bent it sharply and squeezed near a candle ? ---FLAMES . In other words the
skin of an orange contained a flammable liquid.
This morning I decided to see how many things would make a Rabbit move her ass.
Bunny Bondo.say.

The list is endless  ---  here are some samples ---- The fat of the fat lady ---liposuction---
fat of an Eel or an Ooligan------- whales -----Turkeys ---pigs ---- Loren does apple seeds contain Oil ?
>From trees? ---indeed  --turpentine  ----- rubber plant juice. --- maple juice ? --it is sugar and
sugar burns. ----- I had a riot with this one ---- some are funny as hell but they work.

Cost effective ? hell NO.---only DINO is that.--------BUT Canola is close.

In my home town , the Protectors confiscated all DINO --- them Tigers sure drink a lot of
DINO. That was in 1940    09 April  .    So we had to make do.    Is there alternate fuel
for gassers as well ?  bet your ass.  Best of all ? CO. ----it is clean burning and easy to make.

Volvo is the grand master of CO use in cars.   But even for airheads the list was

If this does not calm you down ?  ---cannabis oil is for you.     By the way I never
did find the cetane number for citrus oil.    Canola is 50 or more.

Is UVO cost effective all around ? ---NO. not if you count your time etc. ---but like Sandy Cameron does it ?  ----- for something to do ?   you bet.      I know one place on the beach here where
the stink of rancid oil is overpowering  --bet I could get her old oil.

One good way to get that oil ?  is to pay for the lab test.

I think the Lord is playing games with me ?  why else do I have to work on the worlds biggest
Induction furnace (steel) the biggest drive in freezer ?   the biggest continues casting machine ?
the worlds biggest single unit Paper and pulp complex and the Biggest Sawmill in the world. ?
And as a kid I had to go by the worlds biggest diesel every day ?
BUT then why would he not let me board the worlds biggest aircraft ?  ---no way could I get aboard,
that mother.----- What the captain of that thing could make it do ---WOW --I shall never forget.
I am not sure that was not crazy flying.
Talking about BIG  ---James Hansens --area has a wheat field so big that if it was Canola
we would have a surplus .  

Other bigness in my life ?  --the crawler in Florida --and the big scoop in Tennessee  I had
nothing to do with them ---but they sure looked BIG.

BUT they ALL pale when compared to the BIG trees in California. Now that impresses me
a living being that big and OLD.----- I pray to GOD that they do not let loggers near those.

I tried to measure diameter at the ground ----bigger than 22 feet .

The local Mill Manager claimed that his mill used more water every day than New York.
I said sir I have been to New  York and if everybody there flushes at the same time ---
that would be water enough to flush this town and your mill out in the Pacific.

A croakers ramblings ?   YES.  (sort of)

Ah hell what I could do with those Rabbits if I was 21 again.


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