[Vwdiesel] Injection pump testing for beginners 3----( OLD Rabbits mostly )

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If Loren gets me wrong ----what about Newbies ?

So I must have written it wrong. ------ well I shall try again.   

  -- and you did EVERYTHING
exactly to Bentley.

The compression is OK  the valve clearance is OK   ---  and so on.  So timing and
what not has nothing to do with the --cold start test.

The only thing that will move that timing piston after that is pressure created by RPM.
-------Internal pressure and condition of pump is it.

Like I said from 1977 to 1984  thousands of pumps caused Smokey VW's.   It was so bad
that VW and Bosch refused to honor guarantee ---even under the SMOKE law.

The resulting investigation by Bosch Stanadyne and VW  ---is very interesting. When those Germans investigate they record --and I have seen the record.  They (Bosch) even got to the point of recommending a pump lubricant sold by Stanadyne . That must hurt.

The only fast simple way to check the timing gear in a BOSCH VE pump is by strobe
light  ---like we do on an Airhead.

However the DIY procedures discussed here  is a way for those of you who do not have lots of
instruments --to do a very credible job.    YOU may quote me any time.

VW ,Bosch and Stanadyne got off the hook by proving that the crappy fuel was the cause.
IMHO they were absolutely right.

That is one reason we the DIY gang can get those Rabbits so cheap.  So I am not complaining.

A car with a VW on it for 65000 US dollars   VOLKS my ass that is blasphemy.

Hitler must be turning in his grave.  (NO he is no friend of mine).


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