[Vwdiesel] starter question

Gary Shea shea at gtsdesign.com
Fri Aug 27 00:33:51 EDT 2004

On my old Vanagon, the starter would die every few years.  I would take
it off the van, clean the bushings that support the starter solenoid
shaft that jumps out to engage the flywheel, and it would work fine for
another few years.  There would be a nasty dried-out looking stiff
grease+dirt compound all over the shaft.

Just a thought...


On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, at 23:39 [-0400], Holly (danew at cybersol.com) wrote:

> HI all, 
>    This is not a question for  VW diesel, but for a VW Fox.  But this could be something that could go wrong on either.   I replaced the transaxle on the Fox and the starter will not turn over the engine.   I have put it on the bench and the solinoid and starter motor work fine.  I have hooked up the starter with the car's electrical system, but it not being in the car and it worked fine.   But in the car, you hear the solinoid click and the ground gets hot and starts to smoke.   The starter before the transaxle replacement turned the car over fine, not as fast as my GTI or diesel, so I guess it turned it over a little slow.   Before I got put some money into a new starter, anyone have any sugestions. 
>   Anything, that may affect I think is possibly when I bolted up the transaxle the passenger side bottom corner where the tranaxle bolts to the engine there is about an eighth to about quarter inch gap.  I can't get the gap to close due to I think the sleeve in the bolt hole.  
> Thanks for any help.
> Dave Newlin
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