[Vwdiesel] Stirling choice from Andy and his A/C anguish

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Aug 28 12:24:12 EDT 2004

The change from N/A to TD gives you an increase in rad size; and isnt there a larger rad for the a/c version..There certainly is  for the Quantum's and that includes the bodies that were designated as 'gasser' and over here in Limey land where A/C is for the rich...
Otherwise couldnt you add an additional rad say from a motor cycle some how?

Of course if you built a Stirling engine to run alongside your diesel; the options could be:
1) to use the coolant to drive the hot end and perhaps run as a generator for an
electrical aircon which would reduce loading of car alternator and at the same time
reduce engine temperature!? 
This is effectively the same as your thoughts on the exhaust heat..best place
would be a  lagged coil of copper microbore around or even inside the downpipe
below the turbo.
Hell; do a water one and an exhaust one; and disappear from IR viewers :o)
If I'm thinking correctly the Stirling  used as above converts most energy into rotary energy hence the need for an additional alternator.
Or use a pulley driven Stirling to create a cooling effect which may be more efficient than a compressor (Theoretically); but this would load the engine.

Mark(the unintelligible) UK... "Only trying to put colo[u]r into diesel" :op

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