[Vwdiesel] AUDI A6 TDI - Autogear revs up & down

Hans Duinhoven h.duinhoven at planet.nl
Fri Dec 3 14:14:58 EST 2004

Dear list,

I've got your address of a fellow AUDI A4 Quattro driver, who also shares
another common interest - we both drive an MG B!

Here's my problem:

My daily driver Audi A6 equipped with a 1.9 TDI diesel and an automatic
gearchange has funny habits when cruising around 1800 RPM (+/- 40m/h 3rd
gear or some 47 m/h in 4th gear of the autogear).
Using the cruisecontrol or not the engine starts to rev up to 1900 RPM and
immediately back to 1800 RPM again and does this all the time when driving
on a flat road.
When going faster or slower or going over 2100 RPM speeds, there is nothing
strange going on.

The official Audi garage cannot find it and suggests to renew the gearbox
fluids and renew its filter to start troubleshooting, although both are
meant to be fit for the lifetime of the car.
Now this is a nice subject - what is a lifetime of a car.
This nice car has driven since August 2000 some 280,000 Km = 175,000 miles.
The car looks almost as new - just a few scratches - even the seats are
The engine itself is still as new - oil consumption = 1 liter per 20,000 Km
= 12,500 miles.

Anyone to give me a clue? Automatics are quite uncommon overhere and USA
people are used to these I've seen.
Is this a typical thing of an auto gearbox showing its first signs of wear?
Should I fear a brakedown soon?
One lister of the MG newsgroup suggested it was a failure in the control of
the "lock-up" functionality, so its being switched on and off at a specific
speed - revs...

Thanks in advance.

Hans Duinhoven

Nice suggestions are rewarded with a nice picture of a pretty car in the
tulip fields!

1971 MG BGT
2000 Audi A6 Avant 1.9 TDI Auto (standard automatic 4 speed - no tiptronic
 change) chiptuned engine

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