[Vwdiesel] VAG-COM woes

Erik Lane erikjlane at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 15:03:50 EST 2004

Which cable did you get? I got the hex-com, which they
said is the best. It only has one light on it, I
think. All I've ever seen is amber when I first plug
it in, but within a couple seconds it always turns
green. I've had a few issues with 'controller not
found' but that was when my laptop had been sitting
for a month and the battery had died, killing all my
settings. I don't use it except for that software and
my bios battery is dead I think. If I uninstall and
reinstall the software it takes care of it and then I
don't have any more problems till I've let it sit for
a month again.

You're in Texas, right? Maybe someone on here could
give you a hand? If you were here in the area I'd give
it a shot with mine and see how our luck was. (I'm in

I've heard Uwe's name before, and I think he is the
designer. If he thinks the problem is the cable then I
would bet he's right.

Good luck!
--- Shalyn Shourds <sshourds at flash.net> wrote:

> Thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas.  I broke
> down and bought the 
> VAG-COM software/cable because I need to time the
> TDI.  Problem is, I 
> can't make it work.  The connection doesn't seem to
> be consistant or 
> something.  The program locks up all the time.  I've
> tried re-installing 
> it, re-downloading and re-installing it, running
> serial port 
> diagnostics, and doing all the stuff in the VAG-COM
> FAQ.  When it's 
> running best, the red and green LED's will flicker
> before locking up in 
> a red, usually.  Sometimes, when I'm really lucky,
> it'll get far enough 
> to return a "Controller not Found" error.  When I
> try it again, it locks 
> up.  Anyone had any similar experiences?  I got
> ahold of Uwe, who is, as 
> I understand, the designer.  Found him on the
> TDIclub page, but all he 
> has suggested is sending out a new cable which is
> good of him, but I 
> need to get this thing on the road fairly soon.... 
> If I can get this 
> thing to run with the unit I have on hand that would
> be ideal.   I think 
> UPS is starting to slow down under the Xmas load. 
> I'm so tempted to get this thing running and sell it
> at this point.  
> Every time I try to drive it, something really
> really bad happens.  I 
> don't think our mojos are compatible. 
> -Shalyn
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