[Vwdiesel] Ring seating for beginners. -- ( break in lube ? what to use. )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Dec 9 13:12:01 EST 2004

I just talked to refiners at Sarnia  --and the confirm what Val Christian is saying

no ADDITIVE oil is no longer  sold.    So use NON detergent oil.

That will leave the diesel rating out ----so let your turbo cool down a bit longer.

For the NA Rabbits ?  --best bet is  Mineralube.       single grade.     To seat
rings   give her snus in short spurts   ---do NOT let her idle for hours to
seat rings ---you risk Glazing the cylinderwalls  and rings may NEVER seat.

I  am (was) a perfectionist so I honed to a fine finish ----BAD idea today. Really
make a good deep crosshatcs   ----what is the real word ?   hash ?   hatch ?  

What the hell for beginners look it up.     .    If you do an OLD Rabbit it may be time
to look at the new type rings that expand at lower pressures. A standard ring
does not really push hard on the cylinder walls in relation to cylinder pressure ---that
makes them last longer ---but for OLD Rabbits ?   sealing may be more important.


PS :  I have had incredible luck with reworking engines of all kinds ---considering
I NEVER was a mechanic (Auto).   I have even used owersize rings in standard bores.

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