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mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 9 16:56:12 EST 2004

 Don't worry, I'm still here with my problems as well. You remember, I
rebuilt my newly bought used 91 jetta's TD engine so I wouldn't have the
problems that I'm having now, so your not alone. Once my garage is built and
I have a nice environment to work on it, mine is getting torn down and the
pistons are coming out. I'm hoping to find something wrong. It would make me
feel so much better than to find nothing and wonder what I causing all my
blow by. I also have that oil pressure issue. Hard to believe that I put 5k
miles on the engine and it runs at 0 psi at the head. Makes you wonder how
it can be.

Keep your chin up. I'm right here with ya, we will get it right, just will
take a little longer than most. With the help of everyone one here, (awesome
group of individuals) our diesels will be purring.

Last night I checked the timing on my newly installed $300 junkyard 1.6 na 
that I was hoping would hold me until I could tear down my oil burner 1.6 
na hydraulic (again) to figure it out once and for all. This one started 
when I first installed it a week ago but wouldn't start Tuesday night. 
Before installing it I did a compression test jumping it with a set of 
jumper cables and all 4 cylinders checked low but identical at #275. It 
cranked pretty slow with the jumpers so I hoped it would be better when 
cabled up correctly so installed it anyhow.  Last night checking the timing 
I lined up the flywheel marks and it was way off from the cam and pump so I 
figured No wonder it won't start but wondered why it ran at first? I pulled 
the timing belt and got everyone lined up and the belt back on. Remembering 
what Hagar said some time ago I rolled the engine over by hand on the 
crankshaft and whack the pistons met the valves so I was glad I checked by 
hand. Turns out the flywheel mark is way off. Not sure how that can happen 
but I seem to remember someone saying a turbo flywheel is different so now 
I wonder if that is what is on this engine? It has different markings and 
more of them compared to what I had before. Remembering Hagar again I 
pulled the injector on #4 since it is easier to get at and put a wire in 
through the precombustion plug to the top of the piston and rotated things 
to find the true TDC. I re timed off of that and it started up pretty 
good.  I drove it a few miles and changed oil and coolant. Hoped to drive 
it this morning to work but it won't start again.  Rechecked the 
compression and even in the car cranking at full speed I get the same 
results #275 which obviously ain't gonna cut it in the cold North 
East.  Now I need to decide whether to do a ring job on this one in the 
car,  or go back to trying to fix my hydraulic 1.6 na.  As weird as the 
hydraulic engine has been I am leaning towards pulling the head on this one 
to see what things are like.  The part that has me nervous is judging by 
the amount of r.t.v. that oozed out of every gasket it has been worked on 
before so don't know what I will find.  If we ever need a poster child for 
biggest losing record I would like to be considered :)


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