[Vwdiesel] It fits my pattern ----( about Losers NAH NAH I beg your pardon )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Dec 9 17:38:19 EST 2004

Bart and Bryan and all who start losing before the fight has started.    

You are NOT loser till the day you give up.   And you are still here ?
are you not ?.

I wound up in the wellfare office in Brighouse BC --- in 1962   while I had loads of money in Denmark.

Danes could not take money out at the time.        A " Friend ? "   told me that I was
a LOSER and a BUMM and that I would always be a loser and a bumm.

His wife told me to go to the wellfare office.  ----they were great.   BUT they would not let me
pay back the money they gave me . Saying they were not in the loan business.

I have the stubb framed here in front of me   --- 21.69 dollars Canadian   ---- that got
me on a ferry to a job up the coast.

Did I ever feel like a Loser  ?  NEVER.    period.

Yes it was hard sledding in Denmark from 09 april 1940   to  05 May 1945  --- 
did I ever think we WE would lose ?   NEVER.

So can I still say Hitler did great things ?   sure as hell I can.   And the Beetle is one of them.

To this day I have many German friends  ---and one of them said Germany did not
lose the war, we came in second.   ?   

Anyway lets hear your loser accounts   and let us judge.    Maybe just maybe we
say shit   ---potholes    small potholes.   --------- Remember that due to fuel cost
all Rabbit diesels and engines are going up in value.      ---  1982 Rabbit 2000 dollars
Canadian here ?   they are going up.  or what ?-.

300 dollars US for a 1.6 NA engine  too much ?  no but it is high  IMHO.
200 dollars would be right.

Bart Wineland   look in the rear mirror  and see how much you learned in such a short time ?

Suddenly one day you reach what I call critical mass. (of knowledge)   and you 
will be telling long after I am dead  --- how to get a Rabbit to sing..

When I said Volvo made good diesels ?   I was thinking Penta.     But setbacks ?
yes a lot of us had them.   1982 driver side dropped on my bad big toe.  ---how
would I expect a door to be that heavy -----? (two door)  ----   that will NEVER happen again.

1.6 NA  VW diesel ?   IMHO   a great little engine.    ( but delicate as diesels go ).


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