[Vwdiesel] It fits my pattern --- ( Barts Whilanding -- 1.6 NA ? good deal )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Dec 10 10:42:07 EST 2004

With tranny and starter and Rad and Clutch   ---for 300 US dollars ?

yeah that is a good buy.   IMHO.

Numbers on pumps can be found just left of big block where lines come out.

Looking from front of a Rabbit.     A lot of numvbers are stamped right in an aluminium 
square part of lower housing.

Numbers that I use are  VW numbers    Bosch  numbers are there too.

Remember  BOSCH  VE pumps are used on many types of engines  --- not
only VW diesels.

Bart Wineland in your case you may have to do a little pump testing
not to get smitten by the PO Virus.

Simple to do just follow archives ----most is there.     --- I wish I could get my hands on
that diesel of yours  ---to strut my stuff.    I am a condensed version of this whole
archives.     I can tell you who to ring up on  "Author"   on a lot of problems.

First you need to check battery and starter and connection --- Sandy Cameron is your man   and
Roger Brown  and me and a few more.       Then to glowplugs.    Then to  ?  shit
I forgot -----but wait it will come later   ---oh yeah   Blockheater  . Get them in there
with engines out if you can.  Put two on each engine. Use one at the time.
Except for special occations.

Hagar. : 

PS : Remember we are having FUN not a Whining party ?

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