[Vwdiesel] pump numbers

Bart Wineland bwinelan at allegheny.edu
Fri Dec 10 13:13:32 EST 2004

I see lots of numbers just can't find a 107A or 107AG  I have

NR 0 460 494 130
VE     R     136
168 130 109

015 447 29976

Do any of these help?  I think it is the pump that is very noisy, like a 
sawing grinding noise. If it was a power steering pump I would think the 
fluid was low and it was running dry.  Good news is it started at lunch 
time for me.  The blacktop parking lot I am on is wet and showed a pretty 
good rainbow from the fuel that leaked.   From the pattern it isn't all 
from the stupid plastic filter connector either.  I'll take Doyt's advice 
and replace the lines. I  have an old style 2 line filter housing. Maybe I 
should replace the newer leaking style with it.


>Numbers on pumps can be found just left of big block where lines come out.
>Looking from front of a Rabbit.     A lot of numvbers are stamped right in 
>an aluminium
>square part of lower housing.
>Numbers that I use are  VW numbers    Bosch  numbers are there too.
>Remember  BOSCH  VE pumps are used on many types of engines  --- not
>only VW diesels.
>Bart Wineland in your case you may have to do a little pump testing
>not to get smitten by the PO Virus.
>Simple to do just follow archives ----most is there.     --- I wish I 
>could get my hands on
>that diesel of yours  ---to strut my stuff.    I am a condensed version of 
>this whole
>archives.     I can tell you who to ring up on  "Author"   on a lot of 
>First you need to check battery and starter and connection --- Sandy 
>Cameron is your man   and
>Roger Brown  and me and a few more.       Then to glowplugs.    Then 
>to  ?  shit
>I forgot -----but wait it will come later   ---oh yeah   Blockheater  . 
>Get them in there
>with engines out if you can.  Put two on each engine. Use one at the time.
>Except for special occations.
>Hagar. :
>PS : Remember we are having FUN not a Whining party ?
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