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I second all his idea's on other places air could be
getting into your system.  The steal lines get brittle
with age it seems and they are fairly pricey to
replace, most likely about $100 for all 4.  Guessing.

Lots of places are possible.

Be careful on timing belt, a good mechanic helped me
retime my motor but he over tightened the belt.  I
said to him it seemed to tight, he said no, all TDI's
are that tight.  800 miles later the front shaft
bushings in my pump were gone and it was spewing fuel.
 Lets, see, that was another $325 to have my pump guy
fix that pump.


--- LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

>   Clean and (if possible) blow off the injectors to
> see if you have any leaks 
> from them.  Could be between the body halves, hoses,
> nipples to the 
> hoses or supply line fittings.  Could be leaking
> from the lines at the pump, 
> return line from the pump, between the aluminum and
> steel part of the pump 
> or the timing advance.
>   Timing for that pump is on my list and shows this:
> 068-130-109 0-460-494-130   .92 Rabbit  84  
> VW number, Bosch number, timing, what it was on and
> what year.  Looks 
> like you're a bit advanced at 1.00mm, sounded like
> it from your description 
> too.
>   Pumps shouldn't growl or whine, is the timing belt
> too tight?
>      Loren
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