[Vwdiesel] Dad's pickup's maiden voyage (with the new head)

Erik Lane erikjlane at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 12 20:06:56 EST 2004

Moen Machinery here in Gresham Oregon carries all kinds of stuff, and they're good guys - we've dealt with them for years.
and for the fan - I might have one, but I'll have to search a bit for it. I wrecked out my sister's rabbit years ago and I think I would have kept that if it was any good. Can't imagine tossing it. Give me a couple days, it might take a bit to find.
any news yet on the Peugeot head gasket source and bolt re-use procedures?

LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
I put over 400 miles on the pickup the last two days. It ran GREAT! Seems 

like it's even better than the last time I put it together. GOBS of torque, 
maybe even a bit more responsive. Don't know about mileage yet but I 
had about 70 yards of carpet and 60 yards of pad going over and 15 yards 
and about 300 pounds of vinyl tile coming back. 4th gear easily held 
65mph on the steepest parts of the passes and absolute max EGT 
was just below 1200F. 
Only problem was a major stink in the cab about halfway back, whenever 
I'd stop and get back in. Pulled the cabin fan out tonight and it'd gotten 
stiff enough to smoke part of the windings. Smelled more like brakes 
and hot metal than shorted electrical but...
Anybody have an extra A1 fan sitting in a parts pile?
Oh yeah, one more for the "cheapskates." Can anybody come up with 
a farm implement dealer in ID or NW OR that handles Kubota RTV 900 
four wheelers? They want to shop around and see if there are any deals 
out of state.
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