[Vwdiesel] 86 Golf goes to Garage tomorrow ! HOW MUCH is TOO MUCH?

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 I have been using a combination of Picklex 20 and zero-rust on our 1970
Bronco. It has worked very well. It is worth reading about the Picklex
and how it is a rust converter.


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> There's also that filler bondo with the fiberglass fibers built into 
> it - it will fill all kinds of holes! And of course the right way to 
> do it - grind away all the rust and weld in new metal. But that takes 
> some skill (and time) to do successfully. Then bondo over the top to 
> make it look like new.

  It's a lot harder to sand and it's no better a fix though.  I a bit of
a way it's not as good as the foam since it'll absorb water and the foam
is closed cell and wouldn't absorb any water :-P  As you say, to
properly fix requires grinding (not so bad) or cutting out the rust,
(not too bad to really bad).  Rust Mort/convert the surrounding area and
weld in a patch piece 100% then grind, fill, prime and paint.  There's a
glue out a lot of places use instead of welding!  We're going to give it
a try and see 

how it does on something this Winter or Spring.  Body man says a LOT of
shops are using it now and he wants me to try it on a small patch on my
work van.  ALWAYS use Rust Mort, phosphoric acid, Por 15 or something to
stop the rust.  Only Por 15 prior to welding isn't the best though.
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