[Vwdiesel] 86 Golf goes to Garage tomorrow ! HOW MUCH is TOO MUCH?

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Tue Dec 14 10:55:24 EST 2004

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> >  It's a lot harder to sand and it's no better a fix
> really?? I knew it was hard to sand, and you have to
> be very careful about the dust since it's got the
> glass in it. Very nasty stuff and I don't like it, but
> sometimes I'll resort to it. If the foam is just as
> good then I'll have to give it a try - it would
> definitely be easier!! You mean that spray in foam
> that then hardens to a brittle yellow puffy mess, but
> that is wonderful insulation, right?

  The glass filler is certainly harder but I'd suspect it's more prone to 
moisture absorption. It's less prone than standard plastic filler but plastic 

filler absorbs water if exposed and non epoxy primers aren't waterproof 
  Yup, the standard in-a-can spray foam.  I cringe at the thought of using 
either as a rust repair but in guerilla, keep the transportation on the road, 

rust warfare, it works.  My 911 was repaired with the foam, in the door 
jamb of the "B" pillar.  I didn't know it until the rust popped back and 
bubbled the paint.  They didn't treat the rust at all, just foam, skim, prime 

and paint.

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